2024 International Conference on Image Processing, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
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Yuanyan Tang

IEEE Fellow、IAPR Fellow

University of Macau, China


BIO: Tang Yuanyan is a Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, holding the position of Chief Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Macau. He also serves as an Honorary Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Hong Kong Baptist University. Furthermore, he is recognized as an IEEE Fellow, IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition) Fellow, Chairman of the International Pattern Recognition Technical Committee (IEEE SMC), and Executive Director of the Chinese Society of Automation. For many years, Professor Tang Yuanyan has been dedicated to scientific research in pattern recognition and image processing. His work has yielded a series of highly innovative and internationally advanced research results. In recognition of his significant contributions to scientific and technological progress, he was honored with the first prize of the Natural Science Award by the Ministry of Education in 2005. The main outcomes of his research have been published in over 240 high-level international journals and conferences.

Prof. Abdel-Hamid Soliman

IEEE Member

Staffordshire University, UK


BIO: Abdel-Hamid Soliman has over 34 years of experience in the academic and industrial fields. He has a multi-disciplinary academic/research experience in digital signal processing, telecommunications, data acquisition systems, wireless sensor networks (WSN), the Internet of Things (IoT), fiber optics communication, and image/video processing. He is currently working to harness and integrate different technologies toward implementing smart systems to contribute to smart cities and real-life applications. His research interest includes not limited to the national level within the U.K., but are internationally extended to many partner universities in various countries. His research has produced over 50 refereed papers. In addition to his research activities, he is involved in several enterprise projects and consultancy activities for national and international companies. Since 2007, he has been leading and involved in several externally funded projects on national, European, and international levels totaling more than £20M.,His work has been recognized through several awards, such as Lord Stafford award “Impact through Innovation,” for designing and developing a smart monitoring and controlling system for diabetic people. The AWM ICT Excellence awards for “Best Knowledge Transfer Project” category, for designing and developing an electronic bladder diary, and UHNS “Clinical Innovation” Award, for designing and developing an online multimedia-based training system for surgeons. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Access and a regular reviewer of several respected journals and conferences.